The Ultimate SG F&B Circuit Breaker Resource Compilation

Design Challenge

#1: How might we keep our communities in Singapore safe and healthy during the global COVID-19 pandemic?

Project Description

We plan to create an interactive website that is a one-stop place to access all the latest F&B information during the circuit breaker period that are catered to the general public and F&B businesses respectively. This information will be compiled and summarised regularly by the Savour! team and community contributors from websites and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Telegram). We have currently created the database for the website in the form of a view-only Google sheet available to the public (

Criteria #1: Value

The target audience are the general public and F&B businesses.
The general public is often overwhelmed by the large amount of information about F&B promotions, resources and charity initiatives coming in every day on their social media feeds. They may want to help but don’t know how. The same can be said about F&B businesses but they are also concerned of help that is available to them. We aim to bring all these valuable information in a centralised place for everyone.

Criteria #2: Inspiration

Currently, there are a lot of compilations of resources like, but there has not been a compilation of compilations yet. A lot of information is floating around, and users must read multiple sources daily. Thus, in terms of seeing information related to F&B during the circuit breaker period, the landscape is currently highly fragmented so we want to make it easier for users. We want to create byte sized summaries for quick reads.

Criteria #3: Impact

After sharing the Google Sheet on Savour!’s social media channels as well as forwarding the message to online groups, we managed to achieve a combined reach of more than 20,000 views within 2 days of launching the Google Sheet.

Moreover Savour aims to ease the mental state of people as we provide more certainty by reducing information asymmetry and combating fake news, saves time by compiling information for readers instead, and help many small F&B businesses, such as hawker stalls, who are still operating to recoup cost by publicising their good deeds to feed the needy for free.

Criteria #4: Timeliness

To create our Google Sheet which currently has 27 initiatives listed for F&B businesses and 56 initiatives listed for the general public as of 20 April 2020, it took us one week to compile it. Currently, Savour! updates the Google sheet with new entries regularly with its own contributions as well as community contributions from the Google form. We plan to execute the creation of the website within half a month’s time.

Criteria #5: Systems Thinking

There are currently a lot of Facebook and Telegram groups where people exchange F&B-related information such as F&B promotion codes during circuit breaker. However, there are so many people lose track of them. With the website that Savour! creates, it can serve as a centralised platform to help create exposure to less publicised initiatives and direct traffic to them to increase their own impact of helping those in need and affected F&B businesses. Hence, it would be an easy plug and play with our website.