Sanitiser Holder

Design Challenge

#1: How might we keep our communities in Singapore safe and healthy during the global COVID-19 pandemic?

Project Description

A SG UNITED branded holder for sanitisers that can be either clipped on or secured using velcro onto gates. The reason why I choose to emphasise on door/gate is because it is the most prominent area for people leaving or coming home. I hope that it will remind people to maintain hand hygiene, refrain from exposing children and elderly to risk of contacting bacteria from home.

Criteria #1: Value

My assumption is if people wants to leave the house for an essential activity, they will do so and majority of Singaporeans do follow the measures set by authorities. Therefore, I hope that the sanitiser mounted onto the gate aims as a reminder and secondary precautionary action to take after wearing mask.

Criteria #2: Inspiration

Government distributed reusable masks, Temasek Foundation gave away sanitiser and kind Singaporean souls who placed sanitiser in lifts secured using cable tie.

This sanitiser clip or velcro can also be distributed to general public so that people can use it to mount sanitiser at their home gate or selected public spaces.

Criteria #3: Impact

Spread kindness, instill good hygiene habits (even post-Covid) and functional item that can be used as household item.

Criteria #4: Timeliness

Design and prototyping will not take a long time. Will be within stipulated timeline leading to mass production.

Criteria #5: Systems Thinking

Additional act of kindness by corporate sponsors or government driven. This as I mentioned, hope to instill good hand hygiene even post-covid and also a household item for any one that can make good use of it.