COVID19 Kit 8 in 1

Design Challenge

#1: How might we keep our communities in Singapore safe and healthy during the global COVID-19 pandemic?

Project Description

In this initiative, how do we reinvent the prevention of getting the flu virus if we had the chance? Given the current situation, do we need to look into Plan B, in the case if a vaccine is not going to be out in the market till next year. Perhaps we need a kit that is able to not only provide all the tools we need to be safe and also equip with a smart device that reminds us of safe distancing and tracing ability? If more people are traceable, specifically without smartphones, will that reduce the untraceable cases? If there’s a kit that provides 8 in 1 function at the size of a smartphone, will that encourage everyone to be more responsible after measures are loosened or even in the next wave of COVID-19 pandemic?

Criteria #1: Value

Through the statistic, we know that 60 years old and above seniors have a higher mortality rate. Moreover, they are also the group that needs more care especially when they become more forgetful. In the current market, we have a pillbox with an alarm, water bottle with an integrated pillbox. It proves that there’s a demand for the hybrid product that solves these issues of being forgetful. Therefore a covid19 kit may solve multiple issues and simply bring convenience to the elderly and kids.

Criteria #2: Inspiration

The inspiration came from daily life knowing that as a guy, I place everything in my pockets, and with keys and handphone on both pockets in the front, I still have to stuff a small bottle of hand sanitizer and face mask. I came across online during shopping that the popular collapsible bottle with bowl seems a smart way to reduce bulk. Therefore puts me into thinking what if I can compress all the things I may need during this time into a box that I can hook on to my pants when I leave the house to do short errands.

Criteria #3: Impact

In the thought that this will benefit mostly the elderly and kids most as both groups do not have the best smartphone, and therefore untraceable. What if we can have a smartwatch device that has the tracing app installed that gives off warning that he/she has accidentally come in close contact with a confirmed case, and therefore to seek doctor advice as soon as possible. Parents or guardians, therefore, are assured in a way that precautions are made before symptoms arise.

Criteria #4: Timeliness

The prototype is an assemble of existing products and no new invention is needed.
From the current popular collapsable bottle, how can we remodel a smart COVID-19 kit that meet these requirements:

1. Sanitizer
2. Pillbox (For emergency like flu pills, or vitamins)
3. Thermometer (Can we use thermometer strips to reduce bulk)
4. Masks (Mask pad refill or full mask)
5. Clock & Alarm (To alert user to santinizer hand or take temperature)
6. Smart tracking (To possible inbuild geographic tracking, or proximity sensor to 1m around user)
7. Water (For hydrating or even emergency washing)
8. Door opener

The challenge is to make it as compact as possible just like successful examples, a water bottle with mist spray, a water bottle with inbuild pill box.

Criteria #5: Systems Thinking

The core of the idea is to enhance users without smartphones and low awareness of hygiene due to maybe work and certain age groups. How can we reach out tracing apps to those without a smartwatch or owning an up to date smartphone, they may be specially belonging to the demographics of children, elderly, foreign workers, and low-income groups.
Can they own a device that may auto-connect to update its software or download an app that also helps them to keep up with hygiene in any flu-like pandemics?

For the working adults say from 18yo to 60yo. How can we engage them consistently to use through rewarding schemes such as successful 10,000 step challenge? For example we can know user’s duration in supermarket by scanning in and out. We reward them for proof of bringing the kit out of home.