Multimedia Illustrated Infographics

Design Challenge

#1: How might we keep our communities in Singapore safe and healthy during the global COVID-19 pandemic?

Project Description

As graphic recorders illustrating visual summaries, we believe that information is better communicated through bite-sized pieces with simple language accompanied with illustrations that add warmth and encourage sharing on visuals-driven social platforms. We propose creating illustrated visual summaries for COVID-19-related information (e.g. measures, financial aids, educational information, initiatives) that organisations working to relieve COVID-19 stressors want to communicate.

We have experience turning illustrations into GIFs and animated explainer videos, which can help to convey certain information more clearly. For educational information or initiatives with more in-depth information, we can create online interactive infographics that can be embedded with more information.

Criteria #1: Value

Why do the elderly have a tendency to want to go out?
Organisations working actively to relieve the challenges brought about by the pandemic are those with the greatest amount of knowledge and connections that can help others. Through a collaborative process, we can understand the needs and ideas that the organisations may have, thus creating effective illustrated infographics that are easy to understand and suitable for sharing. We can also tailor the infographics by adding local flavours and illustrations reflecting the identities of the target audience to create resonance. Beyond online sharing, the infographics can be reformatted into physical materials (pamphlets, posters) for offline dissemination to reach individuals without internet access.

Criteria #2: Inspiration

Going beyond still infographics, we can create movable graphics with our illustrations (e.g. GIFs and animated explainer videos), which can better convey information that are clearer with motion.

We can also create interactive infographics hosted on a microsite that allow more possibilities with information presentation. For instance, while the still infographics convey basic information for general awareness, the interactive infographics can be embedded with more in-depth information or research for those who want to learn more.

The possibility of multimedia infographics allows organisations to achieve different purposes and publish on various platforms while maintaining visual cohesiveness.

Criteria #3: Impact

Stay Home, Stay Safe Kit
ToDuring the pandemic, the efforts of organisations in supporting various communities, especially the marginalised or overlooked ones, are ever more salient. By having the means to be able to assist them in their efforts through creating illustrated infographics, we hope to facilitate more effective and engaging information transmission. Hand-drawn illustrations can add warmth to texts, and illustrations with a human focus can create emotional resonance and convey empathy.

Criteria #4: Timeliness

Illustrated infographics can be created quickly, and for urgent issues, they may be illustrated within hours of receiving the information. Case in point, we posted our illustrated visual summaries about circuit breaker and its extension on our social media within hours of the televised announcements. Hence, we can begin work shortly after being accepted.

For GIFs, explainer videos, and interactive infographics, the turnaround time can be less than a month, and can be relatively fast for urgent projects.

Criteria #5: Systems Thinking

If our project is accepted, we will work closely with organisations who are already doing work to alleviate the stress COVID-19 is causing on various communities. With their knowledge and skills, we can create more accurate and effective infographics that also fulfill the organisations’ need for communicating information.

Since organisations are already using social media to share information, we can use our experience to create visuals that are striking on different platforms and encourage further sharing, thus facilitating effective information transmission.