Design Challenge

#2: How might we encourage our community to support one another and look out for those who are socially isolated?

Project Description

– Understand the key concepts of diversity & the severity of Covid-19.

– Learning how to implement good practices in our surroundings.

– Challenges are much easier to overcome when all our minds join forces together.

Criteria #1: Value

x Discrimination
x Stereotypes
x Prejudice
x Don’t give a damn
x A step too late

– Empathy, listening and understanding the elderly, tapping into their thoughts.

– Adapt and be able to persevere in the face of challenges, seeks inputs, being willing to connect and collaborate

– Having a positive mindset and the ability to ease uncertainty, with self-awareness of own biases and triggers then taking action to minimize them

– Being genuinely concerned and making the effort to build trust, empower our elderly and be inspired.

– Succession planning in the elderly that could prove critical in times of need.

Criteria #2: Inspiration

With deeper health worries and an age that is more vulerable to the coronavirus, lack of contact with them can be a major issue in this pandemic. There are way too many issues attached to this experience coming from the cultural dimensions and values systems. We should be appreciating the elderly in society as they are witnesses to the culture of our society. The inter-generational solidarity that we often talk about isn’t solely meant for the sake of creating a safe future for the young but also for the sake of the safety of those who are responsible for our being here at this point of history, at this moment of our lives.

Criteria #3: Impact

It is clear that diversity has a profound effect in both the young and old population. With a massive breakout like the coronavirus, older folks do have risk factors related to their social lives and daily routines, such as the need to visit the doctor, living in community settings or paliative care. Being frail, lonely and at times depressed, an infectious disease such as Covid-19 tends to spread even more rapidly among them.

Getting all dazed and confused on top of feeling frustrated and helpless are not within their control, but they can enjoy the company of an all-rounder health aide who would handle anything from emergency response, patient support, heart-to-heart talks or even an iPad crash course to keep them upbeat and strengthen their will to live.

Criteria #4: Timeliness

Ready to be launched within 2-4 months.

Criteria #5: Systems Thinking

Remember that we are not responsible for our first thought; we are responsible for our
second thought and first action. Before you’re about to skip a Chinese supermarket or reject helping an old lady who just slipped and fell, bring your unconcious thoughts way into yourconciousness. Challenge them and ask yourself if your decision is based on factual information or personal preference before
you act, because an unwise move could lead to regrettable consequences.

In the midst of such global pandemic, we are given the opportunity to evolve, to reflect and reassess towards the creation of a future more equiptable and prepared.