Craft Box

Design Challenge

#3: How might we learn from COVID-19 to reimagine our future for life, work, learning and play?

Project Description

Curated DIY craft projects packed in a box, delivered right to your doorstep

Let you kids get crafty while they get their hands-on with creative craft projects curated by local artists & makers. Each box comes with all the materials you need to get your child started on their next craft project. Some are one-off projects, some enable parent-child participation while some come as a series equipped with online facilitation to guide your child through the process. Either choose from the range of available project or sign up for a monthly subscription with a surprise box delivered each week to build excitement in anticipation for the next box, especially amid today’s uncertainties.

Criteria #1: Value

Amid the lockdown, parents have to manage their work commitments while looking after their children at home. As a result, parents are constantly seeking new activities rather than encouraging their children from excessive use of digital devices. How might we keep children engaged at home while enabling parents to seize the opportunity to spend quality time with a family during this period?

Criteria #2: Inspiration

Craft Box evolved from an ongoing project, Craft Walk. supported by STB Experience Start-up grant to rediscover Kg Gelam through the lens of craft & design. Launched on Nov 2019, Craft Walk was a series of experiential trails exploring the craft and design of notable craftsmen, artist and trade exchanges that have helped built Kampong Gelam to what it is today. Each trail includes a walking trail exploring the evolution of different trades and a workshop to enable participants to create their own keepsake. 3 trails were launched – Print Pursuit (Printmaking), Thread Tales(Batik painting) & Stonesmith (Concrete Casting). Due to the situation, the project is now suspended but since we were already in discussion with several artists and craftsmen, we tested Craft Box recently.

Criteria #3: Impact

Due to the current situation, our focus is to help the immediate needs of our community. Craft box aims to help families to learn & share new experiences at the safety of their own homes. With the funding and partnership, we hope to explore new models and strategies like each purchase will support a free box the children home or subscription-based to keep it affordable. Alongside, this will open new opportunities for artists and cultural practitioners to co-create with us in designing such experiences that can expand into blended learning. We hope the impact of this exchange will spur the growth of a local ecosystem that enables learning and sharing of skills and experience of different groups.

Criteria #4: Timeliness

We have already tested with 4-5 Craft Box that is focused on promoting parent-child and kids activities at home. We are ready to launch and are looking to expand our ecosystem to crowdsourcing ideas of what parents are interested in and also securing partnerships with more art and cultural practitioners while we market the project. As the need to grow our local economy is critical with the pandemic, we’re ready to establish a learning platform within the year that’s rooted on reviving our local craft & design scene while inspiring new evolution towards the creation of uniquely Singapore based products.

Criteria #5: Systems Thinking

Craft Walk was an initiative under Super Campus that was launch as part of Singapore Design Week 2019. Our mission was to enable communities to foster lifelong learning through a sustainable ecosystem that supports the value of learning as a social currency to learn a living. Our community currently comprises much of mostly families, artists and craftsmen but our learning ecosystem seeks to expand to seniors and even special needs community to facilitate exchange where everyone is a teacher and a student. We’re happy to share more details as we progress. Please download our proposal at –