Design Challenge

#3: How might we learn from COVID-19 to reimagine our future for life, work, learning and play?

Project Description

The mission of this project is to move Singapore together.

The problem to solve is the effectiveness of home-based volunteering because it affects entities such as non-profit organisations (NPOs) and ground-up movements (GUMs). This challenge started during COVID-19 when all community engagement activities have shifted online. It is important to solve this because the entities and groups need to make a digital move together to continue serving their beneficiaries and achieve their causes.

Criteria #1: Value

-Fast allocation of resources based on modular KPIs (For all GUMs)
-Automatic reporting of shared value created (For all sponsors)
-Qualitative real-time data of engagement (For all stakeholders)
-Accountable fundraising KPIs (For all charities)
-Cheap customer/talent acquisition strategy (For all startups)
-Sustainable shared value created (For all MNCs/SMEs)
-Digital skill-sets matched to GUMs in demand (For all volunteers)

Criteria #2: Inspiration

This project facilitates a transition to a fully digital user experience while matching volunteers with the required skills to respective NPOs and GUMs.

Skill sets of volunteers at physical events are drastically different from those skills sets that are required at digital events. E.g Content propagation, video casting, audience engagement techniques.

Criteria #3: Impact

-C2B: Provide a clientele network of B2B/B2G
-B2B/B2G: Provide industry opportunities, customer/talent acquisition fundraising/sponsorships, engagement data, community incubation
-B2C/C2C: Provide sponsored goods and services, collaboration and growth opportunities

Criteria #4: Timeliness

Within 6 months, this project will be launched and held accountable to the following metrics:

Efficiency – e-Movement of volunteers : Output of volunteers
Industry – Total points awarded by ecosystem : Total points sponsored by ecosystem
Sustainability – One complete circular economy

Criteria #5: Systems Thinking

Key Activities (SG Together Movement)
SG Activate: We activate public funding, learning, engagement together
SG Build: We build public technology, infrastructure, programs together
SG Colour: We colour public art, new media, music together
SG Discuss: We discuss public data, improvement, policy together