Digitalising with Live Stream Commerce

Design Challenge

#3: How might we learn from COVID-19 to reimagine our future for life, work, learning and play?

Project Description

Creation of an independent, mobile-first live stream shopping media app

Criteria #1: Value

In this digital age, many traditional and retail businesses struggle to digitalize and market themselves effectively. We have been running a marketing agency for more than a decade and understand the common challenges and pain points of merchants. It’s even more difficult for SMEs who have budget constraints and limited know-hows in driving and tracking marketing activities. This problem is amplified with the current pandemic and circuit breaker measures. We create this solution to benefit the retail and B2C merchants at large.

Criteria #2: Inspiration

Live stream commerce is the norm right now in China. In Singapore, there is still no independent platform that enables this. We wish to empower merchants with an integrated business tool and the power of live stream so they can reach out to audience, create personal connection, promote and sell their products all via a singular platform.

Criteria #3: Impact

Merchants can now live stream and sell anytime, anywhere and not be restricted to physical boundaries and operating hours. This is extremely helpful when their retail store business has to close due to times like this. It is also an additional marketing and sales channel on a normal day after the pandemic is over. What’s even better is that Live streaming allows merchants to reach out to more audience, build brand affinity and close the sales cycle. Consumers can now discover brands and shop for trusted products via live streams on Shopavision.

Criteria #4: Timeliness

Shopavision is set to be ready for merchants onboarding and testing in June and launch to public in July this year.

Criteria #5: Systems Thinking

Helping SMEs adopt digital and new media technologies to build stronger capabilities has always been a core effort driven by the Singapore Government towards a digital economy. During this pandemic, the community consisting of both sellers and buyers can now have a mean to still maintain a personal face-to-face communications at real time via live stream on Shopavision mobile app, so they need not risk their health to go out to public yet still be able to fulfill their needs.