JIOU – Don’t Say BOJIO

Design Challenge

#2: How might we encourage our community to support one another and look out for those who are socially isolated?

Project Description

Connectivity is key. Jiou (Pronounced as Jio-u) encourages people to stay connected with others based on their location / past locations. This helps to build a digital community ready to share and care.

Criteria #1: Value

1. Value in proximity
Helps individuals in the same vicinity stay connected, providing the physical/moral support needed.

2. Value in socialization
Helps individuals in the same vicinity stay connected, providing the moral support needed.

3. Value in Cost Savings
Helps individuals in the same vicinity stay connected, allow them to enjoy cost savings in services such as deliveries.

Criteria #2: Inspiration

Inspired from location-based connectivity (eg Tinder) and contextualize it to connect individuals within a community.

Criteria #3: Impact

Individuals can connect to communicate, share information and request favours (eg help to run errands etc).
Businesses can use this platform to reach out to existing customers within the community even when there is no footfall in the shop during the pandemic.

Criteria #4: Timeliness

1st Month: User and technical research + Prototyping
2nd Month: User Testing + Build Product
3rd Month: Iteration 1 + Bug Fixes + Build Product
4th Month: User Testing + Iteration
5th Month: Beta Launch

Criteria #5: Systems Thinking

For location-based connectivity – Integrate with Tracetogether App
For business onboarding – Help businesses create a digital community for future customers
For community centres – Help to create communities so it is easier to spread and update the community on the latest news (prevent spreading of fake news with a community moderator in each group)